IJMST Special Issues on Nanomaterials in Biology and Medicine

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Nanotechnology has potentially far-reaching impact in biology and medicine, in biosensing, drug manufacture, drug delivery, therapeutic treatment for diseases, imaging, and others. Critical for the development of these applications is the discovery and design of new materials. This special issue of IJMST focuses on the material science and characterization of new nanomaterials, their use in biology and medicine, and their health impacts. Contributions are invited for these issues.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Specialty nanomaterials such as: Nanoreactors, Nanodonuts, Miniemulsions, Mesopores



Nanoparticle toxicology

Physiological response to nanoparticles

Environmental health impacts

Case reports/applications

Technical short notes

Manuscripts are invited conforming to manuscript formatting, which is available on the Journal website.

Reviews will be done double blind, fair and unbiased, conforming to the Editorial Policy.

Papers need to be sent to the Editor at editor@ijmst.org indicating that the manuscripts are submitted for this special issue.

Guest Editor: Dr. Agnes Ostafin, University of Utah, Materials Science & Engineering



All Queries may kindly be addressed to the Editor, Prof. A. Prabhu Britto (editor@ijmst.org, prabhu.britto@gmail.com, britto@prabhubritto.org)