IJMST 2019 Volume 9 Issue 3

International Journal of Medical Sciences and Technology (IJMST) ISSN:0974-5343

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Sebastião David Santos-Filho. (2019). Menopause practice essentials: a short review. International Journal of Medical Sciences and Technology (IJMST) ISSN:0974-5343, 9(3), 11–24. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.3366071


Menopause practice essentials: a short review

Sebastião David Santos-Filho

Fisioterapia, Faculdade Mauricio de Nassau, Natal, RN, Brasil.

sebastiao.filho@mauriciodenassau.edu.br, sdavidsfilho@gmail.com


Menopause is the final menstrual period. It is diagnosed after 12 months of amenorrhea and is characterized by a myriad of symptoms. Hormonal changes occur over a period leading up and immediately following menopause. Menopause results from loss of ovarian sensitivity to gonadotropin stimulation, which is directly related to follicular attrition. With the commencement of menopause and a loss of functioning follicles, the most significant change in the hormonal profile is the dramatic decrease in circulating estradiol. The menopausal transition is a time when physiologic changes in responsiveness to gonadotropins and their secretions occur, and it is characterized by wide variations in hormonal levels. This work describes all physiological alterations occurred by menopause. Also, it describes the markers used to identify this period of life in women. The clinical and relations of the menopause and other disorders in a short review of all the process of this disturb.

Key-words: Menopause; Gonadotropin; Estradiol; Quality of life.