IJMST 2017 Volume 7 Issue 6

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Management of hydatid angiocholitis. Ouahab Ilhem, Behar Abdelaziz, Bouharati Khaoula. IJMST (2017), 7(6):35-37




Management of hydatid angiocholitis

Authors & Affiliation:

Ouahab Ilhem1, Behar Abdelaziz2, Bouharati Khaoula3

1-2 Department of General Surgery. University Hospital of Setif. ALGERIA

3 Faculty of Medicine, Ferhat Abbas Setif 1 University. ALGERIA

bouharatik@gmail.com, vicedoyenpedagogie@outlook.com, sbouharati@univ-setif.dz


The hydatid cyst of the liver is a parasitic disease due to the development of echinococcus granulosus. Surgery combined with medical treatment with albendazole is effective in the eradication of hydatid disease of the liver and the prevention of local recurrences. Although surgery is the recommended treatment for liver hydatid disease, percutaneous treatment was introduced as an alternative to surgery. The evolutionary state of the cyst, its volume and its seat are the factors of compromise of the bile ducts intra and extra liver. Hydatic angiocholitis is considerate as a surgical emergency. In this study, we report our experience of management of ruptured liver hydatid cyst in the biliary tract as a function of the anatomical characteristics of the broken liver hydatitid cyst and the complexity of the surgical treatment and to evaluate the results.

Keywords: Cystic echinococcosis, bile duct rupture, hydatid cyst, surgical emergency.