IJMST Special Issues on Medical Imaging

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Medical imaging, now-a-days, has become an indispensable part of medical management of diseases. With the explosion of technological innovations medical imaging has reached a new height. Its reach and capability have widened and its full potential seems to be boundary-less. It is encompassing newer and newer areas – like functional imaging molecular imaging, thermal imaging and so forth. However, the technological developments in the field of imaging bring the enhanced responsibility of their optimal use avoiding the pitfalls. This special issue of IJMST strives to include the novelties of modern medical imaging and its clinical application in its totality along with the concepts of the basics. Contributions and. papers on medical imaging encompassing topics given below (but not limited to) are invited for this special issue of IJMST on Medical Imaging by 31st October 2008
Medical imaging in various body systems
Medical imaging in various disease conditions
Basics of various imaging principles
Recent Advances in medical imaging
Special imaging investigations and their clinical uses
Managing risks in medical imaging
Optimization in medical imaging
Case reports
Technical short notes
Radiation protection in imaging

Manuscripts are invited conforming to manuscript formatting, which is available on the Journal website.

Reviews will be done double blind, fair and unbiased, conforming to the Editorial Policy.

Papers need to be sent to the Editor at editor@ijmst.org indicating that the manuscripts are submitted for this special issue.

Guest Editors :

Dr. Pratik Kumar, Dr. Shun-Feng Su, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Wg. Cdr. Hirdesh Sahni and Dr. H. L. Nag